Steven Trostle for Harford State's Attorney

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Who is Steve?

Steve is a dedicated public servant who has spent most of his professional career in law enforcement.

18 years as an attorney, 16 as a prosecutor and 2 as a criminal defense attorney, he is also a former police officer.

A resident of Harford County, Steve was the Deputy State's Attorney in Cecil County when he  was chosen unanimously by the 4 sitting judges of that county to serve as Interim State's Attorney, a position he still holds. 

Steve has been teaching college level criminal law classes since 2004, and is also the President of his Recreation Council.

Steve's Values

1.  Always do the right thing, even when it is unpopular.

2.  Law Enforcement is not just about convicting the guilty, it is also about exonerating the innocent.  

3.  Actions have consequences.  People must be held accountable for their actions.  

Experience Matters

After 4 decades of the Harford County State's Attorney being run by one person, do you want someone with no government office management skills running the office, or do you want someone with that experience?

Steve, who has overwhelming support of Troopers, Deputies and Police Officers,  is the ONLY candidate for State's Attorney who has experience running (currently!) a State's Attorney's Office.

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